Bulimia Break Up



Being in bulimia is a soul sucking isolating experience. It’s like being in your own abusive relationship you can't seem to leave. Trying to break free can feel even more isolating because you are letting go of something that is so core to your identity. Even though I hated binging and purging… I also didn’t know who I was without it. It felt like a part of me and without it. I felt lost.

That’s why I’m opening up this group coaching program. There is undeniable power in recovering in a group that I have seen first hand. You are surrounded by amazing people going through the same thing as you.

PRICE: $1500 USD

Ready to break up? 

If you would like to join me and 6 other brave souls, you can join today. You'll get immediate access to the course to help you right now. Then you'll receive an email from me shortly after with an invite to book your first call! Enrollment Deadline is September 30th.

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The magic of group coaching isn't accountability.

It’s vibing off others energy. When one person in the group has success, the others feel that energy and they learn from the success. It gives everyone else hope and encouragement. When another is having a hard time, everyone steps in and offers support. They’ve all been there and instead of that person feeling like a failure they actually feel normal. They realize they aren’t a hopeless case. They are just having a learning experience. People ask questions you never thought to ask but you needed to ask just the same. Group Coaching Is MAGICAL. There’s no other way to say it. 


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Program Breakdown

$1500 USD

Top features

  • 60+ guided recovery videos from the Recovery Course
  • 2 weekly live coaching calls for 3 Months (exceptions for US Holidays). Calls are every Monday and Thursday, 9am ET. 
  • 1 private, hour long, check in call per month
  • Printable workbook + worksheets
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Accountability partnership program
  • Lifetime Access to Course After Completion of Program

Ready to break up? 

This program starts October 4th and runs through January 7th. This program will take you through some of what can be the toughest times of the year for those struggling with bulimia. Times when there are more cookies than any family of 8 needs in their house and distant relatives are crawling out of the woodworks to tell you what’s wrong with your life. I’ve planned this program to be your support system during this time so that you don’t have to do this alone. 

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Program Information

October 4th through January 7th. I will be hosting a group of 7 people to intensively work on recovery together. Twice a week for 3 months we will meet via zoom for 1 hour. Each session we will discuss unique issues going on in your recovery and how to move past them. Everything from how to not binge and purge to how to eat food without devouring the entire fridge. Anything that has to do with recovery is on the table.  You will also have the opportunity to be coached live on each call and have access to a monthly hour long private coaching session with me. In between meetings you will have the Binge Breakers Recovery Course to work through plus a private facebook community.

Disclaimer: This is coaching program. This program is not and will not include medical advice, treatment, diagnosis, etc. If you are in immediate need of medical attention please seek it immediately.

This Program Was Made For You IF

  • You hate binging and purging with every fiber of your soul, but throw in the towel the second you are alone and have bread in the house.
  • You say to yourself whenever you want to binge : "This will be the last time... Just one bite... We’ve already messed up so we might as well… The urge will never go away unless I… It doesn’t matter anyway…"
  • You want to be that unicorn that has one slice of pizza and feels “satisfied” or that freak that has multiple ice cream half gallons in her house and forgets about them.
  • You want to have a relationship with food where you don’t have to think about it all the goddamn time. Where you make good decisions with yourself and you trust yourself to eat cheesecake every once in awhile without eating the whole thing.
  • You just want to feel fucking better and you don’t think that’s too much to ask… But it feels impossible. 
  • You feel ready to get on with your life. You know you don’t want bulimia in your future and you need that extra push to get there. 

This program has your name on it. I’ve wanted and felt all those things. They are not impossible to overcome and achieve. I and so many other people are walking, talking, living proof. We are not unicorns. We are just average people. You can be one too.

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